Benefits for You

Great relationships should be rewarding for everyone involved.

By partnering with TorFX you will benefit from:

  • The ability to generate an additional revenue stream by earning commission on every successful client referral
  • Being able to introduce your clients to money-saving services
  • Having access to specialist market insight and the support of your own Business Development Manager

TorFX partners can also manage their referrals with our Partners Portal.

Partners Portal

You can keep track of your referrals from initial contact to making a transfer with the Partners Portal.

You can refer individuals and businesses at the touch of a button, access our range of tools (widgets, logos, banners and email templates) download handy PDF guides and brochures to pass on to clients and contact your Business Development Manager.

With the Partners Portal it’s easy to get referring, check up on how things are going and access the support you need to make our partnership successful.

Benefits for your Clients

Partnering with TorFX isn’t just good for you; it’s good for your clients too.

Our partnership means your clients will have access to:

  • Excellent exchange rates
  • Expert insight and market updates
  • Fast, free currency transfers
  • 24/7 transfers with TorFX Online and the TorFX App
  • Risk management solutions

Simply put, by recommending our services you’ll be helping your clients save time and money.